This Incredible Supermarket Came Up With A Brilliant Way To Keep Old Food From Having To Be Thrown Away

People don’t really think of starvation when they’re about to toss a perfectly fine batch of vegetables into the trash after dinner.

Furthermore, people don’t think about all of the food being wasted when they sort through their refrigerators.

Perhaps what’s even more frightening, is the fact that no one thinks about the fact that “spoiled” fruits and vegetables found at supermarkets can be used to create juices and supplements. Instead, they just go unused and wasted.

However, Intermarché, a French supermarket chain might’ve found the answer to stop things like that from happening.

Instead of tossing out spoiled-looking fruits and vegetables people refuse to buy at supermarkets, the company decided to transform these batches into soups and fruit juices.

The end result? Everyone bought the juices and soups!

Check out the video for a closer look!