This Is Absolutely Amazing. What This Boy Has Done At The Young Age Of 9 Is Nothing Short Of Incredible.

Ken, hailing all the way from the Philippines, used to dream of building a shelter to rescue strays from the city pound. But like many kids his age, he didn’t have the money..

Ken started caring for the poor animals in his neighborhood.

As word of his heroics spread across the internet, donations began pouring in.

Thanks to the money from online donors, Ken was able to get the animals off the street, feed them high-quality food, and provide them with veterinary care.

Three of the dogs he started with – Blackie, Brownie, and White Puppy – used to be malnourished, mangy, and afraid of humans.

Now they are healthy, sheltered, and happy.

Now that donations are coming in strongly, Ken has even grander plans.

Now he wants to put up a full-fledged no-kill shelter in a lot that he’s leased for a year.

Want to help out or learn more? Visit his Happy Animals Club page here.

Ken’s work is so emotional and inspiring! Many of these animals would have nowhere else to turn, but he’s brought them in and completely transformed their lives. Share this with everyone you know by clicking below!