This Is How You Do Push-Ups “Like A Girl”

A video posted by former Fort Hood police officer Kimberly Munley has gone viral in the last few days. The video, taken at a benefit for Active Heroes sponsored by Stand At Attention’sWilmington, North Carolina Chapter, shows a 10-year-old girl, identified by Munley only as “Kaylyn,” facing off with a military cadet at a round of push-ups. Munley goes on to report that Kaylyn is trying out for the Junior Olympic Gymnastics Team.

Ms. Munley is best known for being the first police officer on the scene of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting where Islamist terrorist Nidal Hasan killed 13 innocent people before stopped by police. He is currently awaiting the execution of his death sentence at Fort Leavenworth. Munley was wounded in the confrontation.