This Mountain Cabin Seems Perfect In Every Way…Then You Learn Its Secret And It’s OMG!

In Finland you can build a cabin in the woods – without a permit – as long as it takes up less than 130 sq ft of space.

And that is exactly what designer Robin Falck did when he learned he only had one year left before mandatory military service.

He wanted to build something for himself that would maximize the small space and be a really cool get-away in the woods.

In June 2010 he started building, and within 2 weeks he had finished.

The angle and size of the main window allows a lot of natural light in.

The first floor has a lounge area with a micro-kitchen while the second story has a loft for sleeping.

All of the materials are locally-sourced and recycled, carried to the house by hand to leave nature undisturbed.

When it was finished, Robin named the place Nido (meaning “bird’s nest”). The small cabin is a really cool example of what you can build if you just set your mind to it. The total cost was just over $10,000 and the entire project took just a few weeks to complete. Share this inspiring story with others by clicking below!