This Music Is Very Unique For One Amazing Reason. It’s Kind Of Hard To Believe…

Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck once noticed that the lines in a cross-section of a tree bore a striking resemblance to a vinyl record. In his art piece entitled, “Years,” Traubeck uses this to his advantage, creating a beautiful, but very eerie song with a custom record player and a slice of a tree trunk. This definitely made me shiver a little.

Using a Playstation Eye Camera, the record player takes in data from the rings of the tree trunk and relays it to a computer. The computer then uses a program called Ableton Live to translate the rings into music, with the instrument of choice being a piano. Although the tree itself isn’t musical, the process involved in creating “Years” is like a translation, taking something physical and turning it into sound.


While you can’t chop down a tree and slap it on your dad’s old record player, “Years” is an incredible way to see nature in a whole new way. Hearing something so beautiful come out of a plant that we see every day really shows us that there is more to everything that meets the eye… even if we have to dig a little deeper to find it.