This Photographer Made An Epic Observation About The Human Eye That Seems Obvious In Retrospect

They look like far away galaxies, or the surface of another planet. That’s what Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan discovered once he started examining the human eye.

<>This curiosity led him to explore the iris, the colored ring around the pupil. Manvelyan said the texture only visible at near-microscopic levels surprised him. He began asking everyone—friends, coworkers, even strangers—to examine their eyes.

Manvelyan says he had always been fascinated with eyes. “The eye is the most ‘human’ part of the man. It is the gate to the soul,” he said.

Before long, he had a stunning collection showcasing the human eye’s complexities.

While he’s willing to share his work with others, he’s understandably hesitant to identify the equipment used in his shoots.

“My technique is my secret! Sorry!”

You can see his entire gallery here.