I Thought Sea Serpents Were Only in Stories. But Wait Til You See What These Beachgoers Saw. OMG!

Wow, these people are so lucky to have seen this! During a trip to Baja, these beachgoers got to see a real-life sea serpent! Two oarfish, which are rarely seen because they live in deep waters, swam right up to shore. I would have loved to have been that close to one – just look at how unusual this fish is!

The fish look like sea monsters with red fins and dragon-like plumes on their head.


They are the world’s longest bony fish and can reach lengths of 36 feet (11 m)!

They swim vertically in their natural deep water environment, using their oar-shaped pelvic fins to swim up and down. When sailors in the past saw oarfish they thought they were sea serpents.

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