What This Uncontacted Tribe Did When Seeing A Plane For The First Time Is Awesome Yet Heartbreaking.

It’s hard to imagine that there are still people on this Earth who are isolated from modern society… but there are. It’s thought that there are just hundreds of “uncontacted peoples” left in the world, living in rain forests or on remote islands. Just recently, a government airplane was flying over the Amazon basin in Brazil when researchers on board spotted this uncontacted tribe. The local government doesn’t encroach on their lives, but monitors their activity.

Upon seeing an airplane, this was their reaction.

There are approximately 200 members of this uncontacted tribe in particular. Even though they know nothing of our modern lives or technology, these peoples have made a home for themselves in the forests. They live off of the earth, have built straw-roofed huts for themselves and have formed a small society.

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