What This Girl Did With A Box Of Crayons Is Amazing. It Must’ve Taken Forever… But So Worth It.

Sculpture is an impressive form of visual art. It’s a common belief that the biggest or the busiest sculptures are the best. However, that’s not necessarily true. Small, or even tiny, sculptures can be just as impressive. For example, Seattle-based artist Diem Chau is obsessed with tiny things and her micro sculptures are so impressive, all because of their size.

Diem carves these sculptures into a medium we’re all familiar with… a favorite childhood toy. Check out her series called “A-Z: Northwest Natives.”

This is Diem’s Northwest animals of the alphabet:

A is for Aquilegia, B is for Bald Eagle, C is for Cougar, D is for Dogwood, E is for Elk, F is for Fox, G is for Grizzly, H is for Heron, I is for Iris, J is for Juniper, K is for Killer Whale, L is for Lynx, M is for Mountain Goat, N is for Northern Spotted Owl, O is for Otter, P is for Painted Turtle, Q is for The Quinault Tribe, R is for Rhododendron, S is for Salmon, T is for Timberwolf, U is for Urchin, V is for Viola, W is for Wolf Eel, X is for Xanthogrammica (or giant green anemone) Y is for Yuma myotis (vesper bat), and Z is for Zapus princeps (the Western jumping mouse).

Which is your favorite crayon carving? There are almost too many to choose from.