When Real Men Recreate Famous Underwear Ads, The Results Are Spectacular

Progressive women’s brands show un-retouched, real women in their ads to promote a positive body image for women…but until now, few have factored men into the equation — until The Sun asked male readers to recreate poses in popular underwear ads.

The results were simply awesome.


Men are constantly bombarded with the impossible body standards of professional models and athletes, aided by plenty of photoshop, pre-photoshoot fasting, and the right amount of lighting and oil. Young men and teens are developing serious eating disorders at higher rates, due in part to what they perceive to be the “ideal body”.

Not only do these side-by-side images make you laugh because of the weird poses…


But they also show us just how ridiculous the notion of an “ideal” body really is.


Personally, I’ll take the guys on the left any day.


There’s no height, weight, or body-fat percentage requirement on sexy…for both men and women. Share this project and awesome message with others by clicking below!