You Haven’t Lived Until You See The 38 Most Remarkable Views On Earth. #18 Gave Me Chills…

There are some places on earth where just standing and looking outwards can be a truly humbling experience. Before you scroll through this stunning collection, be mindful of the fact that these photographs will likely expand your bucket list of travel destinations. But what’s wrong with that?

1. Dachstein Stairway – Austria


The Dachstein Glacier resort in the Alps is home to one of the highest bridges in the world. With a 1,300 foot drop to the bottom of the mountains, if you get dizzy just looking at the pictures then this stairway to nothingness isn’t for you.

2. Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean – Swakop, Namibia


The Namib is home to some of the tallest and most spectacular sand dunes in the world. These dunes continue right to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a truly bizarre view.

3. Isle of Skye – Scotland


The Isle of Skye is well known for its amazing geography and wildlife. With picturesque lakes and breathtaking mountains, the Quiraing landslide offers some of the best views of the island.

4. Twelve Apostles Beach – Victoria, Australia


The apostles are columns of hard rock that survived thousands of years of coastal erosion.

5. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall – Þórsmerkurvegur, Iceland


Seljalandsfoss is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, with a drop of over 200 feet.

6. Bagan, Myanmar


An ancient 13th century city, Bagan is home to many Buddhist temples and monasteries. At its peak, over 10,000 of the prayer sites were active, with only 2,200 still surviving today.

7. Tiger’s Nest – Bhutan


Situated in the Himalaya’s Paro Valley, this ancient monastery is a Buddhist sacred site. It’s best visited during the spring when the temperatures are cool and the trees are in full bloom.

8. Swing at the End of the World – La Casa Del Arbol, Ecuador


Deep in the Ecuadorian wilderness is a treehouse used for observing the magnificent Mt. Tungurahua, an active volcano. On the same tree sits a swing at over 2,600 feet above sea level.

9. Iguazu Falls – Border of Brazil and Argentina


Made up of dozens of cascades, Iguazu Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. The surrounding environment is bursting with thousands of tropical plants and animals.

10. Victoria Peak – Hong Kong


Victoria Peak, located west of Hong Kong, offers one of the most surreal night views of the colorful city. With an altitude of 1,818 feet, it’s the highest mountain located on the island.

11. Half Dome Mountain, Yosemite National Park, USA


At its peak, this ancient granite dome rises more than 4,700 feet above the valley floor. Various cliffs offer a vantage point to take in the beautiful national park.

12. Japanese Cherry Blossoms


Beginning in early March, the blooms of Japan’s national flower – the cherry blossom (sakura) – are one of the most iconic sites in Japan.

13. Trolltunga – Norway


Trolltunga hovers 2,300 feet above lake Ringedalsvatnet. It’s a challenging hike, but the natural platforms offer astounding views of the mountainside.

14. Haiku Stairs – O’ahu, Hawaii


Known as the Stairway to Heaven, this fairly unknown hiking trail can be found on the island of O’ahu. The trail is steep and ends at a peak 2,800 feet above the sea, which offers amazing views of the island.

15. Vertigo Hotel – Bangkok, Thailand


Situated high over the bustling city of Bangkok, the Moon Bar at the Vertigo hotel offers one of the most jaw dropping dining experiences in South East Asia.

16. Cambrian Hotel, Switzerland


The Cambrian is situated in the pristine scenery of the Swiss Alps, with stunning mountain views in every direction.

17. The Moon Bridge in DaHu Park, Taipei


18. Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sunset da Mona Lisa is a restaurant with amazing food and an even more spectacular view.

19. Mossy Arch – Glencoe, Scotland


An ancient stone bridge has since been overwhelmed by lush green moss in The Highlands of majestic Scotland.

20. Sunrise at Acadia National Park – Maine, United States


Acadia National Park is the oldest of its kind, east of the Mississippi River. The mountainous region offers amazing views of the Atlantic.

21. Piz Gloria – Murren, Switzerland


A revolving restaurant situated almost 3,000 feet up on the Swiss Alps.

22. Jade Mountain Resort – St. Lucia


This beachfront resort covers over 600 feet of shoreline and offers a stunning look at the Piti and Gros Piton Mountains.

23. Fjallabaksleið, Iceland


The North Fjallbak route is a rugged but scenic detour through the highlands north of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Accessible only via SUV, it includes a route through the magical canyons shaped by migrating glaciers thousands of years ago.

24. Monument Valley, Utah


If you think this valley seems familiar, it’s because the area was commonly used as a filming location in the heyday of Western movies. The vast sandstone structures dominate the landscape of this vast valley, which is far quieter than similar sites like the Grand Canyon.

25. White Cliffs of Dover – England


The cliffs of Dover are composed of chalk and offer spectacular views of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover and at certain points, the French coast.

26. Melissani Cave – Kefalonia Greece


In Greek mythology, nymphs (female nature deities) inhabited this breathtaking cave and lured men in with their beauty. Under a high sun, the amazingl blue is illuminated for any lucky swimmers.

27. Sunset between Rocks – Pfeiffer Beach, California


Pfeiffer Beach is set on a romantic area of the California coastline. The purple sand and crashing blue waves are only beaten by the sunset, which sets between the rock formations.

28. Lion’s Head Mountain over Cape Town, South Africa


Lion’s Head overlooks Cape Town and completely eclipses man made structures at 2,200 feet tall. From the summit of the mountain, you can see the sprawling city.

29. Chichilianne, Rhone Alpes, France


The breathtaking Mont Aiguille is nearly 7,000 foot tall and offers amazing views of the French Prealps.

30. Phraya Nakhon Cave – Thailand


Phraya Nakhon Cave can be found in the stunning Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. The wondrous cave consists of two caverns, illuminated by the collapsed roofs. The site was adored the royal King Chulalongkorn, who built the pavillion inside.

31. Corcovado Mountain – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Home to the famous Christ the Redeemer, the peak of the Corcovado Mountain offers one of the most unique looks at the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. It also gives you a breathtaking look at the famous Sugarloaf Mountain, which sits to the southeast of the city.

32. A dog enjoys the view from a 5000m peak in the Himalayas


The climate of the Himalayas ranges from tropical at the base of the mountains to permanent ice and snow at the highest elevations. This pup is literally looking down at warmer weather.

33. Light breaks through a grove of trees in Northern Oregon


Photographer David Thompson captured what he called “Mysterious Hallways” when he snapped this view through poplar trees in gorgeous Northern Oregon.

34. Barrientos Island, Antarctica


One of the few ice-free areas of Antarctica, the Barrientos Islands offer a rare look at a thawed Antarctica. It’s often a popular stop for Antarctic cruise ships.

35. Sunrise on Easter Island


36. Mount Kilimanjaro viewed from Amboseli, Kenya


40,000 tourists climb Mt. Kiliminjaro each year, and that doesn’t include porters, cooks, and guides that make the climb at their sides.

37. Rainbow over Lake Louise from the top of Mt. Fairview – Alberta, Canada


Lake Louise is an epic glacial lake within Banff National Park. The water is an elegant emerald colour because of minerals found in the water.

38. Autumn in the Swiss Alps


The average Swiss person takes 9650 steps a day, walking almost 5 miles, while the average American takes just 5117 steps a day – only about 2.5 miles. Walking and hiking is a way of life in Switzerland. When you see a view like this, is it any wonder why?

We’re hanging out on this big, beautiful planet, and we only have so little time to see all the beauty it has to offer.