You’ve Never Seen Disney Princesses Like This Before

So much for happily ever after.

Dina Goldstein’s ‘Fallen Princesses’ series explores the potential darker side of classic fairy tales, bringing a humorous real world element to these universally happy stories.

The Little Mermaid becomes your new favorite aquarium exhibit. Unfortunately she doesn’t give complimentary concerts included with the cost of admission.

Rapunzel goes through chemotherapy and loses her golden locks in the process. Thankfully she goes into remission and ends up writing her best-selling memoirs, ‘Long Hair, Don’t Care’.

The Princess and the Pea follows her mattresses to the garbage heap, using her royal birth as a means to draw publicity towards expanding dumps. Her father eventually breaks down and makes recycling a kingdom-wide incentive.

Sleeping Beauty unfortunately isn’t woken up by her true love’s kiss, but that doesn’t stop the Prince from giving up hope. Even when he’s stuck with her in his less than royal retirement home.

Beauty becomes a bit of a Beast herself while undergoing plastic surgery. Eventually the swelling goes down and she lives up to her name once again.

Cinderella hits a bit of a rough patch and ends up frequenting the royal dive bar. Her drink of choice? ‘The Fairy Godmother’ (straight whiskey).

Without the help of her Seven Dwarves, Snow White quickly finds herself lost in the parenting department. The Prince turns out to be less than charming, and she quickly kicks him to the curb.

Source: Dina Goldstein.

And this is why fairy tales and reality don’t mix.

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