10 Cats That Became Famous For Their Ridiculously Amazing Fur Markings

Cats are the undisputed lords of the internet. They make almost anything funnier and cuter, and they incidentally make great pets and friends as well. We’d like to take this opportunity to pay homage to our internet overlords by showcasing some of the most interesting cat coat patterns that we’ve seen online.

Cats’ forms don’t vary very much, but their coats are as colorful and diverse as their claws are sharp. There are countless genes that govern different aspects of fur color, length, patterns and other properties. These mutations create the beautiful and unique patterns that we love, but they can sometimes also create unexpectedly interesting designs.

Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows

Venus The Two-Faced Kitten

Cat With a Permanent Top-Hat

Kitten With a Heart-Shaped Marking

Moustache Cat

Snowball The Kitler Cat

Cat With Grandma-Hair

Fordy, The Cat With A Heart Marking On His Jaw

Monkey Hug From Behind

Inception – Cat Within A Cat