41 Surprising Animal Facts That Are Guaranteed To Warm Your Heart

1. There’s a rabbit jumping show in Sweden known as “Kaninhoppning”.


The competition is intense. Just look at their faces.

2. A newborn panda weighs as much as a cup of tea.


3. The furry feet of Fennec Foxes work like snowshoes by protecting them from the hot desert sand.


4. Snow Leopards use their tails as a portable fuzzy blankie to keep them warm wherever they go.


The tails on Snow Leopards provide balance, fat storage, and are also super fluffy for snuggling purposes. When they’re sleeping the tail is often used to cover their faces for extra warmth!

5. If you shave a guinea pig, it looks just like a baby hippo.


6. A red panda’s tail can grow up to 19 inches in length (the size of an average housecat).


7. Young Japanese Macaques make snowballs for fun.


When there’s snow on the ground, these cuties make snowballs for no other reason than to have some fun!

8. Squirrels will adopt an abandoned baby if its parents are gone.


Orphan squirrels will be adopted by other adult squirrels if their parents have died or aren’t able to care for them.

9. The closest relative to the elephant shrew are actually elephants, not shrews.


10. Honey bees communicate by dancing.


Honey bees fly a “waggle dance” in order to communicate to their companions where flowers are located.

11. Gentoo penguins propose to their mates with a pebble.


12. A cat version of the corgi exits: the munchkin cat.


13. Seahorses mate for life, and when they travel they hold each other’s tails.


14. Butterfly fish also form pairs for life. If the two become separated, they rise into the water column above the reef and search for each other.


15. Chicks talk to each other from inside their eggs.


Before chicks hatch, they can communicate with each other and their mother through a system of sounds. There are at least 24 different sounds they make from inside of their eggs!

16. When rabbits do a little twisty shimmy out of excitement, it’s called a “binky.”

When rabbits do a little twisty shimmy out of excitement, it's called a "binky."

17. Otters hold hands when they sleep so that they won’t float away from each other.


18. Squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts leads to hundreds of new trees each year.


19. Polar bears use nose-to-nose greetings as a way to ask other bears for something, like food. Bears who use proper manners like this are often allowed to share.


20. Cows have best friends and spend most of their time together.


21. A group of pugs is called a “grumble.”


22. Turtles can breathe through their butts!


23. Dolphins have names for each other.


24. Crows play pranks on each other, just for fun!


That’s right, I said it. Crows are very intelligent and are known to play tricks on each other (as well as other animals).

25. Macaques in Japan know how to use vending machines, and buy items using coins that they find.


26. A group of flamingos is called a “flamboyance.”


27. Humpback whales have pop music.


Mating calls among humpback whales change according to what others are heard singing. The songs get passed between populations, much like popular music does in humans’ communities!

28. Baby puffins are called “pufflings.”


29. When play-fighting, male puppies will let the female puppies “win.”


They do this to get to know them better.

30. Chimp babies play with dolls.


Young chimpanzees play with rocks and sticks in the same way that young human children do, pretending that they are babies, and caring for them.

31. Rats and mice can laugh.


They’re also ticklish, so you can make them laugh when you tickle them!

32. Otters have a skin flap that forms a pocket so they can keep their favorite rock with them.


They use this rock to break open mollusks when eating. Some otters go their entire lives carrying the same rock!

33. A group of bunnies is called a “fluffle.”


34. Ants are very polite, and bow to say hello!


When ants walk past one another, they give a little head nod to acknowledge the other’s presence and say “good day, sir!” How cute is that?!

35. Norway once knighted a penguin. His name? Colonel-in-Chief Sir Nils Olav.


36. Goats have accents like people do!


37. This little guy is a Bumblebee Bat, the world’s smallest bat.


They’re also one of the world’s smallest mammals (considered by some to be the actual smallest mammal)! So cute!

38. And speaking of cheerleading, these Pom-pom Crabs have some moves of their own!

And speaking of cheerleading, these Pom-pom Crabs have some moves of their own!

They’re are known for grabbing poisonous sea anemones and waving them around as a means of protection from predators.

39. Dogs sneeze as a way of communicating to other dogs that they’re not being aggressive.


When a dog is play-fighting with another dog, they’ll sneeze as a way of saying “we’re just joking around!” so the playing doesn’t escalate into anything serious.

40. Pikas collect large piles of dry grasses to eat in its rocky burrow in order to make it through the winter.


41. Cat’s show trust by headbutting people to make them feel safe.


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