11 Fun Facts About Deadpool. My Favorite Is #4.

1. Despite his psychotic and off the wall nature, he still has his higher moral moments.

2. His hatred for Jar Jar Binks is unparalleled.

3. He has a tendency to desire off the wall things.

4. He has been in a relationship with Death. Literally.

5. He has one of the greatest bromances with Spider-Man.

6. No matter the situation, he’s usually a cheeky bastard.

7. He’s great with children!

8. He likes catchy show tunes.

9. He has a highly accelerated healing factor. And loves chimichangas.

10. He’s the universes most eligible bachelor (Watch out ladies!).

11. He has an uncanny ability to defuse even the most tense situations. Even turning them to his favor.