12 Foxes Who May Not Be Sly… But Are The Most Adorable Things You Have Ever Seen.

Although foxes belong to the dog family, they share some key attributes with cats. That explains the cuteness!

What does the fox say? Get me out of here!

This baby fox was scavenging in an empty dog food can when he got a little bit more than he bargained for! Thankfully a human was there to help.

Worst golf ball picker EVER

Foxes belong to the dog family, which means they LOVE to fetch. All members of this family are incredibly adaptable animals, and this makes them successful colonizers in many areas of the world practically in all habitats available and often in close proximity to humans. Which explains why this little guy was so bold on the links!

Fox and hound are buddies in real life


Remember the Disney fairy tale that made us all cry? Well when Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge and his German shepherd, Tinni, happened upon this orphaned fox in the woods, it was love at first sight. “Since then the fox, which Berge dubbed Sniffer, has been a regular addition to their walks in the woods, coming around to play with 4-year-old Tinni for a couple of hours on most days,” reports Today.

Fox naps on bus


An Ottowa city bus was in the garage for regular maintenance when this fox decided to climb in through the open door for a nap. An employee tweeted this picture of the snoozing pup, and the internet went wild, with #busfox trending within minutes. According to a follow up tweet from the transport service, the fox left on his own when the nap was over.

Fox family invades Facebook campus, gets 100k likes

For some reason, a pair of California grey foxes decided Facebook’s Menlo Park campus was the perfect place to raise a family. Of course, an employee immediately created a Facebook page (and Instagram account + hashtag) where coworkers and visitors can post their pics of the little fuzz balls. Rumor has it that Zuck himself was one of the first likes.

A cat, a fox and a Bald Eagle walk into a bar…

“Notice the eagle in the background on the lamp post down by the street,” writes Alaskan Pam Aus. “That is the partner to this eagle. They aren’t always out to attack and kill each other. Our fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here.”

Kits take a bubble bath

My what big ears you have! Baby foxes are often referred to as ‘kits’, although pup and cub is also appropriate. Adult male foxes are known as “dogs, tods or reynards” while adult females only have one name, “vixen.”

This photograph, taken by British man Duncan Usher shows a four month-old fox discovering that an old quarry facility can be a swell plaything.

“After a few seconds it started to slide down the conveyor belt using its front paws to drag it forwards,” he told the Daily Mail. “They were attracted to the conveyer belt because it was a playground to them. I have not seen this type of behaviour amongst free living wild animals and I was really surprised and pleased to witness and capture this unusual event.”

Rescued red fox shows gratitude

This is Dawn, a red fox who now lives at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary. Look how happy she is to see her rescuers!

Foxes discover a trampoline

You can almost see the light bulb go off a few seconds into it!

Foxy faceplant

Foxes catch small rodents with a characteristic high pounce. This technique is one of the first things cubs learn as they begin to hunt. When you add snow, it’s also hilarious.

Drunk on those good rubs…

The best foxy face ever happens at :12!