13 Terrifying Prehistoric Monsters. These Are The Freakiest Things I’ve EVER Seen.

1. This is called the Platybelodon grangeri.

It’s basically an elephant platypus.

2. The Titanoboa Cerrejonesis.

Lived 60 million years ago. At its largest size it could be up to 42 feet long and 2,500 pounds.

3. Meganeura Monyi

Pretty much a monster dragon fly. It could have a foot long wing span.

4. Jaekelopterus Rhenaniae

This creepy thing was pretty much a crocodile sized scorpion with an 18 inch claw.
nope nope nope nope

5. Dinornis Robustus

This bird is said to be the tallest bird to have ever existed, stands at 12 feet tall.

6. Megalania Prisca

Could grow up to 25 feet long. The bones that were found in Australia were 300 years old but some locals say they’re still out there.

7. Arthropleura

This was an 8 foot centipede that could stand up on its bottom half.

8. Megatherium Americanum

This is basically a GIANT version of a sloth, stood 20 feet tall and weighed almost 4 tons.
Still cute though, right?

9. Dunkleosteus Terrelli

This giant fish was 30 feet long. It was so badass that it didn’t even need teeth, it just used it’s two razor sharp jaws.

10. Protostega Gigas

This was a 10 foot long turtle with a sharp beak and strong jaw.

11. Arctodus Simus

This bear monster was 11.5 feet tall on its hind legs, with 8 inch claws!

12. Sarcosuchus Imperator

Sarcosuchus imperator is Latin for “flesh crocodile, which makes sense considering this thing could grow up to be 40 feet long.

13. Megalodon

It’s teeth were 7 inches, it was bigger than a bus, and is the largest meat-eating fish to have ever existed.