16 Rejected Movie Sequels

1. E.T. 2: Gone Home

2. Mean Girls 4: Catty In The Nursing Home

3. Knocked Up 2: This Birth Control Sucks

4. 202 Dalmatians: Clearly This Is Becoming Animal Abuse

5. The Wizard Of Oz 2: Dorothy’s Stint In An Asylum

6. Land Before Time 238: Little Foot Is Finally Big Foot

7. Wrong Turn 12: God Dang It Google Maps

8. Finding Nemo 3: They’ve Found Nemo They’ve Found Dora, But Has Nemo Found Himself?

9. Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money

10. Final Destination 10: We’re Almost There I Promise

11. Home Alone 6: My Parents Must Really Hate Me

12. Waterboy 2: Adam Sandler Picks A Random Sport And Beats The Crap Out Of Everyone

13. Anchorman 3: Story Of The Shark That Was Set Free

14. The Hobbit Part 6: Bilbo Comes Across The Mythical Cash Cow And Spends 3 Hours Milking It

15. Jaws 5: I Think We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Aircraft Carrier

16. Noah 2: Dude Where’s My Ark