16 Ways To Tell You’re A Grown Up. Especially #12.

1. You begin researching the thread count in prospective bed sheeting purchases.

2. You look forward to religiously checking the latest shopping catalogs on the toilet.

3. You consider getting a pet, but don’t. You’re not sure how well the floorboards would take to the idea.

4. You compare the price per weight of the different pasta quantities available at the supermarket, and go in for the largest. It’s saving money in the long term.

5. You begin to purchase DVDs. Hard copy. From a store.

6. You start using the expression ‘oh I really shouldn’t’ every time someone offers you chocolate.

7. You ask for new car seat covers at Christmas.

8. The extent of your birthday plans consist of a magnum four pack and a signed greeting card from your work colleagues.

9. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen begins to sound like a very sound and reliable film based on it’s title alone.

10. You play suduko on trains.

11. One of the Saturday chores is to look at a new hose fitting for the sprinklers.

12. Fish oil tablets makes it’s way onto the shopping list.

13. You begin to feel the embarrassment of reading romance paperbacks in public, when the chances are no one near you actually notices or cares.

14. You can afford monthly haircuts.

15. There is no sense of shame in wearing a lanyard for a memory stick around your neck.

16. You begin to google and self diagnose yourself with multiple diseases and ailments found off the internet.