Trust Me, You’re Doing Just Fine In Life (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

For many of us 20-something’s, we’re stuck in this weird mental state where we have more than enough tools to allow for a ton of success, yet we still feel less than adequate. In essence, we feel like we’re running in place and there’s a struggle to make even the tiniest bit of progress. Throughout the years, this frustration has left me dazed and confused. Yet, the more I talk to a plethora of people in all stages of life, the more I realize that no one has it all figured out. In fact, those feelings are perfectly normal.

I’ve learned to pay attention to the small things in life. Just because we are not where we necessarily want to be does not mean that we are failures by any means. In fact, I made it a point to eliminate the word “failure” from my vocabulary. To be truly happy and even successful, one may still desire more in the future, but it is important to be sincerely grateful for what has already been accomplished. To be honest, the power of positive thinking really works wonders and once we remind ourselves of the wonderful things that already exist in our lives, the ability to thrive is bound to happen.

Here are some of those much-needed reminders:

You walk your own path, not someone else’s

This is a significant foundation of happiness and success. There are so many people around us doing all kinds of things that may work for them, but what truly works for us? It is absolutely important to be comfortable with who we are and stop trading reality for another role. It’s time to take off that mask and truly live a life that is made for us. If we want to be an artist, we should go for it. If we want to become a chemist, why not? Don’t be afraid to walk down a certain path. Own it.

You are constantly learning and growing everyday

Okay, so maybe you feel stuck at what you’re doing right now, but why not keep the ball rolling and keep improving? I’ve learned that sometimes to find a wonderful path, there is a need to stray from the current path. Remember- to attain success, there is no need to be perfect. There is a need to have the capability for improvement. Read everything that is available, watch entertaining lectures, go to seminars and thrive. It’ll do wonders, I promise.

You have overcome significant obstacles

Everyone goes through some type of obstacle in life, but we’ve picked ourselves up, right? Regardless of the trials and tribulations, many times, things are never as bad as they seem. Maybe time heals all wounds and maybe there is a need for solitude, but obstacles are all stepping stones to greater things. Remember that.

You are gradually overcoming your fears

A great thing to understand is that continuously running from our fears will never solve anything. If we’re dealing with something, we should set it free, right? This may be easier said than done but the truth is, fear should not be a deciding factor in our future. Let’s take chances and indulge in all the excitement that life has to offer. On the other side of fear, a magical world may exist which we have yet to discover.

There will be times where we can’t check of each point from this list and that’s perfectly okay. We all have our own time where we travel our own way and distance. However, being successful requires a certain attitude. It’s not a skill. It’s not a place where we arrive. It’s what is being done every single day.

And remember, people only post the good things in their life on Facebook. So never think others in life are passing you by, it’s just a facade.