17 Extremely Disturbing Horror Movies You Will Never Watch Again. Show #12 To A Woman And Get Her Reaction.

1. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is known as “one of the scariest films of all time.” While many people don’t debate that, what they do debate is it’s watchability. Many people have said that they chose to sit through it once for curiosity, but what they saw was so terrifying they never wanted to see it again. Maybe it was the sight of a little girl masturbating with a crucifix or her head spinning a full 360 degrees. Well, it also might have been the spider crawl Regan did down the stairs. You could make a list all day about the reasons why you’d never watch this classic horror film more than once.

2. The Woman

This was a film I m0st recently viewed through the almighty streaming Netflix service and was ultimately astounded by it. The Woman is about a seemingly “normal” family who takes in the last remaining member of a cannibalistic tribe. It doesn’t take long for you see that the family might be more barbaric than the prisoner. The excessive gore (usually revolving around cannibalism) and a sexual assault performed by a child will ensure that you never want to see this film more than once. Don’t get me wrong, this film makes a serious statement about mysoginistic behavior and the people we deem “normal” in everyday society. It’s worth a watch… once.

3. The Human Centipede

This movie might win the award for the tackiest film of the year and it really isn’t necessary to watch one time. The film follows the exploits of a sadistic scientist who sows 3 victims together mouth to anus in order to create one digestive track. The first time one of the victims has a BM you’ll know there’s really no reason to watch this film once let alone ever again.

4. Hostel

Torture porn king director Eli Roth made a huge splash in the indie circuit with this outrageously gory and torture ridden horror film about three Americans traveling through Europe. These empty headed too-old-to-be-frat-boys get caught up in a terrible game of human hunting and the events that follow will never leave you once you see it. The torture scenes are drawn out to prolong the gruesome scenes, but there is absolutely no pay off to any of them so there is really no reason to ever see this unnecessarily violent movie ever again.

5. The Last House on The Left

The original film made in the 1970’s is considered a cult classic, however its source of fame is pretty disturbing. The remake and the original both feature a long and graphic rape scene of two girls out in the woods. By the time you see the rapists get much deserved justice in the brutalist of ways (the remake having way more brutality than the original film) you will feel both content and disgusted with yourself about why you were so happy to witness the brutal torture of another human being, even if it was a rapist! It’s enough to make you say “Once is enough.”

6. The Girl Next Door

The girl next door is a horrific story about a woman who sexually, physically and mentally tortures a young girl who is staying at her residence. Another film entitled An American Crime stayed close to the actual, terrible event. Yes, some of the things in the film did happen to a poor young girl when she was staying with a psychopath while her parents ran off and joined the circus (literally). If seeing a girl being sexually assaulted with a coke bottle and watching children torture another another child isn’t enough to stop you from watching a film twice, nothing will.

7. Maniac

This one is a relatively new horror film about a young man ( played by Elajah Wood who deliveres a career pinnacle performance) who is way more obsessed with store mannequins than he should be. Oh yeah, and he’s a serial killer with some serious social issues. What makes this serial killer film so unique is that the audience witnesses the entire film through the eyes of the killer. You only see his face in mirrors or shiny surfaces. Witnessing the gruesome murders (most of which contain scalping afterwards) in 1st person view will make this film impossible to stop watching. But, that dirty feeling you will have when you turn the movie off, will make you want to never watch it again.

8. Insidious

This movie follows the strange ( and damn creepy) events of a family haunted by a supernatural being that seems to follow the father wherever he goes. Sounds pretty typical right? Not hardly. The jump scares are plenty, there’s one of the most frightening demons you’ve ever seen on film and lets not even talk about that creepy dancing shadow. You’ll think twice about scaring yourself so bad again by watching this film twice.. If you ever do.

9. The Orphanage

This is one of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen, but it is still covered in a gothic like beauty. At times though it’s a little too gothic. It contains extremely haunting images of children with special needs (one in particular who walks around with a sack over his head). There are plenty of jump scares to keep you interested. The ending is so crazy emotional you’ll feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. You’ll never want to feel that way twice, trust me!

10. Excision

Excision is the outrageous and gag inducing tale of a girl obsessed with blood and being a surgeon. There are so many moments (a few containing menstrual blood) that will make you want to instantly turn off this deranged film, but you’ll be too drawn to look away. You’ll have to see it until the very end and when you do be prepared for a swift, sharp kick to the gut! Between the punches and the yucks, you’ll never want to see this unique take on a psychopath in the making again!

11. Cannibal Holocaust

Why this disgusting horror film with very little substance is considered a classic at all is questioned by many. It’s considered to be the first found footage film made, but some of its scenes are barely watchable. The movie details the last days of a film crew’s trip to the Amazon and their blood drenched experience with the natives. This film was banned in many countries and the director faced tons of criticism for killing real animals on film. Completely unnecessary right? Even the director said he wishes he had never made the movie! This movie is just all around sucking and if you stayed away from it consider yourself lucky as the grandiose violence means absolutely nothing. If you watched it out of curiosity, then I bet you won’t go there again!

12. Teeth

This dark comedy is a real pleasure for any woman to watch one time. This movie is based on the classic legend about the woman with teeth in her vagina. It’s something a woman has fantasized about at least once and a nightmare every man hopes to never ever come across. If you’re a man it is 100% obvious why you’ll never want to see this film again (ouch). If you’re a woman, the terror of seeing another woman find out she has this “disorder” only needs to be witnessed once.

13. Funny Games

If you get through this movie the first time, you’ll start to question your own sanity for watching this mind screwing film. Funny games chronicle the disturbing events of two young men who torture and kill an entire family. The film doesn’t use a lot of shock-and-awe violence, but plays out its murderous sequences as brutally real. If that doesn’t make you never want to watch it again, wait until the main characters speak to you directly and fill you deep down with a big helping of guilt!

14. Hostel 2

While this film is much more enjoyable to watch than the original Hostel, the highly gruesome ( and imaginative) kill scenes make this movie only good for one viewing unless you really enjoy watching people be gutted like a fish. The second movie in the Hostel franchise combines two intriguing storylines: that of captured women and the men who paid a huge amount of money to kill them. The ending will have you cheering and the misogynistic attitude of many horror films is flipped on its head in this one, but I doubt you’ll ever take this movie for a spin again.

15. The Mist

One of my favorite films based on a Stephen King novel, is about townsfolk who take refuge in a grocery store after a strange mist befalls their town bringing frightening “plagues” with it. This movie has one of the most brilliant (and controversial) endings of all time. It’s so explosive that many watchers of this film have told me they never want to see the movie again. Although I’ve watched it 100 times.

16. 8mm

8mm is only good for one watch because of its obvious taboo and beyond frightening subject matter: the existence of a snuff film. A detective goes through a brutal investigation trying to find out if a film a woman turned in is really a snuff film or just staged to look that way. The movie is an excellent thriller, but digs down so deep into the grimy underworld you’ll have to take a shower when you’re done. It will also leave you questioning if the myth of the snuff film is more than just a myth.

17. A Serbian Film

Just hearing about this film turned me and many other horror watchers off from ever watching it once let alone twice. This movie fits in as much depravity as possible by following the storyline of a man who agrees to make a porn film only to find out they’re the most depraved porn films on earth. The reason why you’ll never want to watch this movie twice if you ever get through it once: infant rape. Enough said..