22 Simple Dorm Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Make Life Easier

1. Use bed lifts to free up more storage space


2. DIY iPad mount


With a couple of adhesive hooks from the hardware store you can make a cheap, durable and easy wall mount for your iPad.

3. Making a quesadilla with an iron.


Simply assemble your quesadilla, wrap in foil, set iron to cotton (of course), and iron each side for 2 mins. Bon appétit!

4. Over-the-door shoe organizers are a great way to store things that aren’t necessarily shoes.


Have you ever used one of those over the door shoe organizers? No? Me either. But you will now. Declutter your dorm room with this magical device.

5. Binder clip cord organizer


Stop crawling under your desk looking for computer cords and cables. A few simple binder clips solve this annoying problem.

6. Ice cube trays jewelry box


Keep looking cool at college by organizing jewelry in your drawer with an ice cube tray.

7. Washi tape photo frames


Show off your favorite photos and posters in style. Put the hammer down and create cute and stylish frames out of washi tape.

8. Double your closet size by layering clothes hangers with soda tabs


9. Shoebox projector for $1


Just visit your local dollar store and pick up a magnifying glass, cut a hole in a shoebox, tape the glass over the hole, place your cellphone inside and you’ve got yourself a MOVIE NIGHT!!!

10. Shower caddy desk supplies organizer


11. USB charging station with the use of a ribbon box


You can find ribbon boxes at craft stores or places like The Container Store.

12. Repurpose Altoids cans for school supplies


13. Velcro remote


Never lose the remote again. Use adhesive velcro to secure remotes to the side of your desk, next to your bed or the wall.

14. Take iphone pics of friends borrowing stuff


Keep track of who has what in your dorm by taking a cellphone pic of them holding the item so you don’t forget where it went.

15. Use binder clips in the fridge to stack bottles


Save space by stacking bottles and using a binder clip to stop them from rolling around.

16. Solo cup laptop speakers


A Solo cup (the unofficial mascot of college) can turn up your tunes to 11.

17. PVC laptop stand


There’s space under your laptop so why not use it to store your keyboard, notebooks or supplies. A quick trip to the hardware store and you’ve got yourself a nifty (and cheap) laptop stand.

18. Make coffee without a coffee maker


Fold coffee into a filter, secure with a binder clip, steep in very hot water (or drop in water and fish it out in a few mins) until your cup of joe is ready.

19. Free Magazine / Notebook Storage


Care packages from home are the best. And you can use the boxes they come in to help declutter your desk by cutting away ¼ of the box to make a free and easy notebook bin.

20. Turn your toaster sideways for sandwiches


Craving a grilled cheese sandwich? Simply turn your toaster on it’s side and grill away my friend. Just remember to keep an eye on your toaster while it’s making your tasty sandwich and be sure to return it to it’s upright position when you’re done.

21. Bathroom supplies on a magnetic rack


Your dorm room is tiny but your wall is your friend. Let it do some of the work. Attach a magnetic strip to your wall and now you have a handy place for all your small beauty supplies.

22. Freshen up your place


Freshen up your tiny space by attaching dryer sheets to a fan.