25 Excitement GIFs For Every Happy Situation Possible

1. When the season premiere of your favorite show is about to start.


2. When you have nothing to do and your friend unexpectedly invites you out.


excited baby


3. When your favorite Twitter celebrity retweets you.


Monty Python


4. When you’re getting ready for a much needed Friday night out.

angry dance

5. When someone brings in cupcakes.

Winnie the Pooh

6. When that family obligation you were dreading gets canceled.




7. When you land the job.


8. When you run into the subway car just as the doors are closing.


30 Rock


9. When a movie trailer is released that features all your favorite actors.

rainbow vomit

10. When your favorite band announces a reunion.


11. When your crush finally asks you out.

happy jello

12. When you get let out of work early.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

13. When an old friend is coming to visit you.


Inglorious Bastards


14. When you wake up on the first day of your vacation.




15. When you click on a YouTube video with puppies in the title.

excited child

16. When you finally get a promotion.


crazy dance


17. When you’ve been given the absolute perfect gift.

surprised baby

18. When your paycheck is a little bigger than what you expected.

The Voice

19. When you can slip into a pair of jeans you thought would never fit again.

The Office

20. When you’re in line at a midnight premiere.

happy dance

21. When you’re starting your first day at a new job.

excited geese

22. When you look at the clock at the end of a long day and it’s way closer to closing time than you thought.


Tom and Jerry


23. When it warms up enough to lose your coat.

Bear in the Big Blue House

24. When it cools down enough to lose the feeling of slowly roasting alive.

Jeremy Renner

25. When you beat the high score.