30 Ridiculous Products Every Crazy Cat Person Needs To Have. LOL The 2nd One Killed Me!

The swing bed

Your cat won’t know real comfort until she’s experienced the luxury of a swinging sleeping pod! The one pictured above is $153.11…but you really can’t put a price on such adorable cuddling.

Burger Bed

Cozy for the cat and hilarious for you, this burger bed is the perfect spot for your pet to curl up and take a snooze.

The king-size bed

There’s just no reason why your cat can’t have a bed as fancy as yours! This deluxe setup even has side-tables and drawers.

The radiator bed

This ingenious contraption makes a cozy bed at the warmest spot in the house. Too bad they don’t make them for humans!

Cat silhouette shelves.

Every cat owner needs some of these on their walls. These shelves provide great climbing spots for the cats, have padding on them so that they can sleep comfortably, and they’re undeniably adorable. Move over, books! There are some new shelves in town!

The Cat Trapeze

Like floating clouds upon which your pet can sleep, these “trapeze” are a fun setup for multiple cats to have fun climbing or just cuddle up for a good nap.

The Mommy Bus

For that feline with wanderlust, a cat that craves the wind in his fur, the thrill of the open road… or, y’know, just a cat that needs to go to the vet. There is nothing more stylish than this convenient and sassy carrier.

The cat stroller

This is certainly not an item that should be used by a person who wishes to avoid attention. Really though, those with shame need not apply.

The Sleepy Pod

To maximize the functionality and comfort of the device, The Sleepy Pod has revolutionized the pet carrier. The bottom of the pod is a comfortable bed, and then the enclosure is mesh, making it so that there are options for carrying, and also for allowing your cat to see the outside world. There are straps so that the pod can be seatbelted into a car, and there’s even an option for a heating pad to go into the bottom of the carrier. Pretty clever!

Cat beret

This should really go without saying, but just in case you haven’t heard… your cat won’t truly be happy until there’s a beret on her head.

Lion’s Mane

Let your cat get in touch with his inner lion with one of these fabulous manes! They’re available in several colors on Ebay so you can make sure it matches perfectly with your little king of the jungle.

Cat-sized piped blazer

This sleek jacket is just $69… a small price to pay to ensure that your beloved cat will never suffer the humiliation of not having the proper attire for dinner at the country club.

Unicorn horn

Because if you could, you’d have a pet unicorn instead of a cat. Everyone knows it.

The Litter Robot

This contraption was designed with one goal in mind: to take care of your cat’s business. More than just a litter box, this chamber has a sensor that can tell when you cat is inside, and then follows their use with a “clean cycle” in which the globe rotates and sifts all waste from the litter and into a separate compartment in the bottom. No more cleaning or mess! THE ROBOT OF THE FUTURE IS HERE.

The multifunction washroom nightstand litterbox

No more ugly litterbox! This nightstand is the perfect camouflage for the most unsightly of feline accessories.

A patio for your cat

The Katio is a new contraption that creates a outdoor patio for your indoor cat! The box inserts into your window like an air conditioner would and creates a space all for your pet. There’s a window so that she can sit and watch the birds, or there’s enough ventilation if you’d rather put the litter box there. The Katio isn’t available for purchase yet, but check out its website for updates.

The repurposed vintage item.

Sinan Sigic, a French designer who’s part of the company Atelier Hapax, repurposes pieces for one-of-a-kind creations catered toward the full enjoyment of the household’s felines. This old lamp was wound with 444 meters of sisal rope in order to create the perfect climber for a rambunctious kitty.

The cat-tunnel sofa

Let’s face it: most sofas lack the necessary tunnels required for cats to truly enjoy them. This couch changes all that. Finally your feline companion can enjoy your Netflix binges from the comfort of her own tunnel.

The customized house

Peter Cohen, owner of Trillium Enterprises in Santa Barbara, California has customized his house to be entirely cat-friendly. From walkways to tunnels, his whole home is filled with feline-specific features that his cats can enjoy.

Cat bookshelves

These shelves are specially designed to hold your books as well as provide a unique climbing structure for your cat. It’s pretty neat looking, too.

The outdoor “fun run”

Even indoor cats can have outdoor adventures if they have a contraption like this! There are tube-shaped ones, and larger maze-like setups. Lots of opportunity for fresh air and sunshine while keeping your cat safe.

The outdoor catwalk

Pretty sure my cat would never come inside if something as amazing as this climbing maze were available for him.

The dog scratcher

Cat scratchers don’t have to be boring! This bull terrier-shaped creation is a fun climber/scratcher for any felines with dreams of tackling the world.

The scratcher/lounger

Let’s face it: scratching your claws can be EXHAUSTING. That’s why PetFusion’s combination scratcher/lounger is the perfect solution. Scratch a little, sleep a little…the perfect schedule for any cat’s afternoon.

Catnip Bubbles

Bubbles + catnip = one amazing time for your cat.

“Kitty Ditties, Cat Ballads, and Feline Airs”

Teyus Music, created by musician David Teie, has made a series of songs made specifically for the enjoyment of cats. Based on cats’ physiological traits and instincts, each song is designed to convey a particular mood and feeling for the feline listener. The songs are available on iTunes, but you and your kitty can listen to a preview on the site.

Cat whack-a-mole game

100% necessary. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

The Yoga Cat Mat

For the cats whose upward dogs are lacking, or the seasoned veterans who are looking for a new accessory for their practice, this mat is the perfect compliment to every cat’s yoga routine.

The cat scratch

Now’s your chance to test out your pet’s DJ abilities. See if they have what it takes to really work that turntable.

The “Meowlingual” cat translator

Unfortunately this gadget is only available in Japan, but rest assured that most of the translations would undoubtedly involve some variation of “I’m only interested in sleeping right now, so get away from me, human.”