35 Insanely Awesome Baby Halloween Costumes. #4 Is Hilarious.

A bright beginning to a lifetime of Halloweens to come.

1. A perfect Charlie Brown

2. A very happy Cabbage Patch Kids doll

3. The artist formerly known as Prince

4. One very cute burrito

5. A binky-clad scuba diver

6. The Dalai Lama

7. A coy Oompa Loompa

8. An old woman with a walker

9. A mouse who’s made a poor decision

10. Nacho Libre sounding his battle cry

11. A very stylish Run DMC

12. Jesse Pinkman and Walter White out dealing


14. A very nervous picnic participant

15. An octopus having an existential crisis

16. A cozy bag of popcorn

17. One sassy Ghostbusters duo

18. A deliciously cute taco

19. Dobby the free baby elf

20. A Grateful Dead bear cruising with some Deadheads

21. A sophisticated (and bewildered) Mr. Peanut

22. One super tough biker

23. A very happy lobster

24. An iPhone photo subject

25. Nemo hanging out at home with Dad

26. King Kong and the Empire State Building

27. Skrillex working the crowd

28. A courageous Roman soldier

29. The man from “Up” with a very cute walker

30. A reluctant Tony the Tiger

31. A life-size garden gnome

32. A cozy cow in a cuddly barn

33. A little ewok

34. A surprised shark-attack victim

35. Back-to-the-Future baby