5 Ways You Can Tell You’re The Mom Of Your Friend Group

1. You’re prepared.

At any given moment, you are able to magically produce a variety of necessary items including Band-Aids, granola bars, water bottles, deodorant, Advil, and cough drops.  These things are usually stored in your large, oversized purse along with an undisclosed amount of miscellaneous items.  You can foresee disasters happening on a ten hour road trip or a ten minute walk to Target, so you’ve never missed a beat when it comes to having important things that no one else seems to think of.  

2. You get everyone moving.

Not only are you exceptionally particular when it comes to being on time, you’re not afraid to get pushy to move others along either. “The movie starts in fifteen minutes!” and “I’ll be outside waiting in the car!” are both popular phrases in your vocabulary.  You’ve found yourself anxiously tapping the steering wheel while waiting for the last friend to climb into the backseat (because let’s face it, you’re always the driver too), and have maybe even threatened to leave them behind if they didn’t put some pep in their step before you’re all late.  Is everyone wearing their seatbelts?

3. You listen.

We’ve all had that friend who’s very good at talking but not so good at listening: you’re completely the opposite.  Not only are you the go-to girl for advice, but you’ll be the first one to suggest a cup of hot tea, some Ben & Jerry’s, and confirm that, yes, boys are stupid.  It’s not so hard for you to put your own problems aside for the sake of other’s happiness and firmly believe that if they’re doing well, you’re doing well too.  

4. You actually care.

You have an undying urge to help all your friends succeed and don’t know how anyone could ever suffer from jealousy.  Need a ride to work? Sure!  Want someone to proofread your paper?  Pick me! You’ll do anything and everything to get help your friends hit maximum potential (with a genuine smile, I might add).

5. You’ve said any of these things at one time or another:

  • Did you start studying for that exam yet? 
  • Watch out because the roads are slippery
  • Don’t go to bed too late tonight!
  • I know you’re hungover, but I brought you some water so you’ll feel better.
  • You just look like you could use a hug.
  • Surprise! I saw this and got it for you!