After You See This Disgusting Experiment, You’ll Never Want To Drink Coke Again.

We have all heard the warnings over and over again: Coke is bad for you. The sugar and high acidity have been proven time and time again to wreak havoc on the human body, but if you’re a huge fan of the popular soda, even the smartest of scientists might not get you to quit your habit. If you really need some convincing, though, check out this experiment involving Coke and a bit of milk. What you see at the end might just be enough to make you cower in a corner every time you see that famous red label.

The experiment requires just two ingredients: Coke and some milk.


Add a little milk into the Coke bottle…


…And seal it back up. Then leave it to sit for about six hours.


This is what you find when you check on it again.


The top layer looks like water taken from a particularly filthy river.


And the bottom layer looks like… dirt? Sand? Diarrhea?


The Coke is so acidic that it denatured the proteins found in the milk, causing this bizarre (and gross-looking) chemical reaction. While this definitely makes you think about what happens when you make yourself a Coke float as a summer day treat, it’s also worth remembering that the tissues in your own body are also made up of proteins. Your body probably won’t dissolve into a pile of brown mush after one can of soda, but there’s no denying that a liquid that has this effect on milk is not anything that needs to be put into your body.