I’m Not Gonna Lie. When I Just Learned The Truth About Dogs, It Made Me Sick.

Some dog breeds have been around for hundreds of years… but they weren’t exactly how we know them today. Those “purebred” dogs were bred for certain characteristics and over time, breeders hoped to perfect these dogs. They wanted to make them more beautiful, more athletic and fit their “breed standards” better. But, the only thing they did was make those dogs mere shadows of their former selves thanks to gene mutations and manipulation. The dogs are inbred mutants, prone to genetic defects and disorders that sometimes lead to a lifetime of pain or even death.

The older images you see below are from a 1915 book called “Breeds of All Nations.” Those images were placed side-by-side with the modern versions of the dogs. This will surprise and disgust you.

And if new puppies don’t fit these ridiculous (and often harmful) breed standards? They are culled by breeders, which means completely healthy puppies are euthanized, just because they don’t look perfect.

This is sick.