As A Kid Did You Ever Want To Create Things Just By Simply Drawing Them? Well, Now It’s Amazingly Possible.

As a kid (and as an adult, too), we knew that one of the coolest things EVER would be to be able to draw whatever we wanted in thin air and have it come to life. Now, a company called LIX is finally turning our dreams into a reality… and it’s just as cool as you imagined it would be.

The LIX Pen works similarly to a 3-D printer… but instead of printing what you want, you draw it.

The LIX Pen works similarly to a 3-D printer... but instead of printing what you want, you draw it.

The pen has a hot-end nozzle which melts and cools the plastic filament that you put inside the pen, allowing you to instantly create any design you want.


It takes only a minute for the pen to heat up enough to melt the plastic inside, and you can power it via a USB cable.


Once it’s hot, you’re ready to start creating anything from simple designs…


…to fashion…

…to school projects…

…and virtually anything else you can dream up.


While other 3D doodle pens have been created before, the LIX Pen is smaller and has a finer tip than the rest of them… but it’s also a bit more expensive.


When you think about it, though, it’s still a pretty cheap price to pay to be able to draw cool stuff in mid-air.


Technology has come such a long way. I can’t wait to see what amazing things people make with this epic pen!

To get your hands on one of these awesome pens, check out the company’s site here!

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