Be Inspired By The Power Of Love And Prayer

Minutes before a bride and groom got married, a mother-in-law suddenly appeared in the back of a church, asking for the bride. Her groom called for her, wanting to meet before they said, “I do.”


Not wanting to see each other before the wedding, the two met and held hands around a corner. They bowed their heads together and prayed; even with all of the hustle and bustle, they wanted to thank God for bringing them together and letting them fall so deeply in love.

The soon-to-be husband prayed that God would bless the marriage, help them overcome all problems and alwasys support them. It might be hard to believe that people so grounded and thankful exist, but there is something special about this couple that is even more difficult to believe: this man not only protected our country, but he protected his fiancee’s purity.

When the two first started dating, she nervously told him that she would be wanted to be a virgin until the night of her wedding. Instead of running away, this charming man embraced her values and said he would have it no other way.

Dating was a challenge and there were many times that the couple didn’t think they could do it… but they did. As this beautiful bride walked down the aisle, she saw a man who honored and protected his wife. He saw a woman pure and loving, only wanting to share herself with him.

It’s amazing to know that people this honorable still exist in the world, who still believe in purity and romance.