Boyfriend Of The Year Travels 18 Hours To Give His Girlfriend The Perfect Birthday Surprise

There’s a new contender for the best boyfriend ever.

Jack’s girlfriend Ella joked with him on Skype that she wanted him to book a spontaneous flight to go and visit her while she traveled in Australia. She was kidding, but, he did just that.

She’d been traveling for three months, with another three to go.

So, he got on a plane and flew 10 hours from the UK to Hong Kong, where he had an eight-hour layover before continuing on to Sydney.

He did all of this to arrive on the day of her 19th birthday. And, with the help of her parents and friends, he filmed the whole thing.

It took considerable time and expense — but the reaction is so, so worth it. You have never seen two people so happy, and you can’t imagine a girl ever having a better birthday surprise.