Check Out What’s On This Island In The Middle Of Nowhere. I Can’t Decide If It’s Paradise Or Hell.

Being able to spend your days living on a tropical island would be a dream come true for most people. When you imagine living in paradise, what do you envision? Even though this tiny island named Palmerston is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and full of natural beauty, it’s doubtful that life there would seem entirely perfect for most people.

That’s because Palmerston is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s isolated, difficult to get to and there are very few people who even live on the island. When you see it, you’ll think that it is an island paradise that anyone would be lucky to visit… but life there is a bit different.

The inhabitants of Palmerston live a life that would be difficult for most people to adapt to. They have to anchor their houses to trees on the island so that they aren’t blown away during storms. Not only that, but there aren’t many houses on the island to begin with.

Their lives revolve around church, food and their small community. It’s a wholesome, peaceful life, but it’s without so many distractions that the majority of people are accustomed to.

“We were made to enjoy the world, enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the things God put us on the earth to enjoy. He didn’t put us on the earth to kill other people or hate other people.”

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