What A Man Did With His Old Useless Attic Is Unbelievable. I’m Extremely Jealous Of The Result.

It’s not often that you find a completed DIY project that’ll leave you drooling, but this might be the exception. One man had some empty space up in his attic, so he decided to fix it up into the man cave of his dreams. Instead of just making it into storage space or a normal room, he decided to put a twist on the room revamp.

He converted into a boat’s cabin. As crazy as it sounds, it actually turned out awesome.

Most other attic rooms just pale in comparison to this awesomeness. This is one space that is completely unique and basically a treehouse for adults (which is why it’s so great). It’s hard not to feel at least a little jealous.

This guy’s handiwork is pretty epic, share it with others.