Disgusting Baby Photo Shoot You Have To See To Believe

Hey parents, listen up. Sure, your newborn babies are extremely cute. They’re a perfect combination of everything awesome in the world, but it’s probably impossible for them to enjoy all of the photoshoots you put them through. They don’t want to be dressed in ridiculous outfits. Nor do they care about looking at “the little birdie.” As far as they’re concerned, they just want to SLEEP.

That’s why it was only a matter of time before one of them took a stand. A stand that would leave a mark on not only his dad, but the world at large.

We salute you, little man.


Take that, classic baby photos! Is it just me, or is that little guy laughing his butt off (literally)?

This four day-old was doing what came natural to him, but maybe dad will plan the next photo shoot a little more carefully.