It May Look Like A Beautiful Pool Of Water, But It’s Not. It’s Much, Much Cooler.

Beautiful photo, right?

WRONG. It’s just one of many works by artist Zaria Forman…

But what you won’t immediately notice…

is that these photorealistic pictures aren’t just paintings…

rich with detail, shading, and play of light….

…they’re traditionally-done pastels. Yes: Ms. Forman “paints” these incredible works with her fingers.

These are quite unlike anything you might think of when you hear “finger painting.”

The texture and shading makes each work seem almost as if you could dive right in.

I can all but smell the sea spray here.

The colors and depth rival any oil or acrylic or photograph.

Through her work, Zaria seeks to call attention to environmental issues: climate change and the melting polar ice caps, among others.

If we do nothing; if we fail to act…paintings may be all we have left of our seas.

So we’d better start taking better care of our planet.

Check out more of Zaria Forman’s work here: Zaria Forman. And please share this with your friends.