The 12 BS Breakup Lines People Give Decoded. I Personally Loved Getting #11 Said To Me.

Breaking up is never easy to do, whether you are the one doing the breaking up or the one being broken up with. It’s hard to be completely honest in this situation because you don’t want the other person to get hurt.

At one point, you cared about this person — actually, you still could care about him/her, but the relationship is just not working out for you.

Before we proceed any further, let me make this clear: This is sarcastic. I have not had all of these break-up lines used on me. (but definitely some)

So what do these break-up lines really mean? You have to know by now that when someone breaks up with you, there’s usually an alternative meaning behind it. Well let’s take a look…

1. It’s not you, it’s me…

What it means: It’s definitely you

Why it’s used: To try and convince the other person that he or she has nothing to do with the breakup

Scenario: You realize this person is no longer worth investing your time in

Synonyms: I haven’t liked you for a while and need you to leave me alone

2. You’re too good for me…

What it means: I’ve been cheating on you and don’t have the energy to hide it anymore

Why it’s used: To attempt to alleviate your own guilty conscience for a sh*tty circumstance you put yourself in

Scenario: You cheated and would rather break up than get caught

Synonyms: I don’t feel worthy enough for you; I don’t feel like I live up to your expectations

3. I can’t keep hurting you…

What it means: I know I’m a dick, I clearly am not changing and I don’t want to be in this relationship anyway

Why it’s used: To place the blame on yourself so you can get the hell out

Scenario: You apologize for doing something wrong only to realize that you aren’t actually sorry because you’d do it again given the opportunity

Synonyms: I hate seeing you in pain

4. I’m just trying to find myself and I need to be alone to do that…

What it means: I’ve already figured myself out and I realized that I want someone better than you; I have absolutely no idea what it’s like not to have a boyfriend/girlfriend anymore, and it’s driving me insane

Why it’s used: To shift the focus onto yourself rather than the person you are breaking up with

Scenario: You realize this person isn’t bringing out the best in you

Synonyms: I need to know what it’s like not to have you in my life

5. I need space…

What it means: You are f*cking suffocating me

Why it’s used: To get your significant other to leave you alone for an extended period of time

Scenario: Suddenly, you become all too well aware that you haven’t done anything independently in too long of a time

Synonyms: Stop texting me every 30 seconds when I don’t immediately answer

6. I found someone else…

What it means: I actually found someone else

Why it’s used: To show that you value your relationship enough to tell the truth

Scenario: The relationship was already on the rocks and while going out, you met someone else who intrigues you

Synonyms: I’ve been talking to someone else and like him/her better

7. I’m not over my ex…

What it means: I can’t fully invest my time and energy into our relationship because I’m still stuck in the past

Why it’s used: To show your partner the decision was based on things out of his/her control

Scenario: The ex reached out and looks damn good, so why not?

Synonyms: My past is calling

8. I’m not ready for a relationship…

What it means: I was only using you for sex

Why it’s used: There was never an emotional connection, and the relationship is totally one-sided.

Scenario: Your partner asked you to make a ridiculous future commitment — something you have absolutely no interest in

Synonyms: I can’t handle anything serious right now

9. My friends made me do it…

What it means: My friends keep complaining I never hang out with them anymore

Why it’s used: You’re too much of a pussy to take responsibilities for your own decisions, so you use your girls/boys as scapegoats

Scenario: Friend night or date night? Friend night, every time

Synonyms: If it’s them or you, I’m picking them

10. You aren’t good for my mental health…

What it means: My friends think I have turned into the worst version of myself

Why it’s used: To show that, in fact, your partner is actually the problem

Scenario: You spend the majority of your day getting into arguments that are so petty that you have no idea how they started (but you have to win)

Synonyms: I don’t want you to bring me down with you; I think you have problems; You’re a psycho

11. I have to focus on me for a little…

What it means: I am sick and tired of dealing with your bullsh*t; I’m just really bored with you

Why it’s used: To get the hell out of the relationship as quickly as possible

Scenario: Your significant other won’t stop bitching and complaining about his/her irrelevant problems

Synonyms: Sounds like a “you” problem

12. I’m going through a lot with my family/job/apartment right now…

What it means: I have a lot of other things on my plate that take priority over you right now

Why it’s used: To show that your partner is the least of your concerns

Scenario: Your mother actually can’t stand your partner

Synonyms: My family thinks I can do better; You’ll never fit in