Man With Dwarfism Wears A Hidden Camera To Show How Awful People Treat Him

Jonathan Novick, a 22-year-old New Yorker with Dwarfism, wanted to show the world what life is like in his shoes.

The saying goes “walk in a mile in someone’s shoes” to understand the hardships they face, but 22-year-old Jonathan Novick walked around in his own shoes to show the world what those living with Dwarfism deal with on a daily basis.

Novick was diagnosed with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, when he was young. And though he had a fairly average childhood, he says, things changed when he moved to New York City a year ago. To show the harassment he encountered as a little person walking around in public, he wore a hidden camera and created the documentary above called “Don’t Look Down On Me.”

After venturing out, the results were nothing short of disturbing. He was stared at, screamed at, called names (like hey “short stuff” and “midget”) and was compared to one of the kids on the show “Little People Big World” simply for being little.

“I wanted to stop telling people what happened to me,” he says in the video. “I wanted to show people what happened to me.”

Truly eye-opening.