What You’re Seeing Is Completely Unreal. It’s Definitely Not What It Seems.

Singapore-based artist Keng Lye has fooled us all…

His wonderful creations don’t have anything to do with trapping colorful fish in bowls of water.

Contrary to what your eyes choose to believe, none of these animals are real.

Keng Lye creates eye-deceiving miniature paintings using acrylic paint and layers of clear resin.

His unbelievable sense of perspective makes the sea creatures seem near life-like.

It‘s almost like they’re crawling out to get you!

The famous octopus was made by incorporating a 3D element in the middle of the painted resin.

Carefully painting layer by layer, Lye obtains that otherworldly effect of depth and reality.

Watch this video to witness the unbelievable art form in real time: