Proposals Will Never Be The Same. This Engagement Ring Box Changes Everything.

For men (and women) who are nervous about getting down on one knee, they now have one less issue to worry about: hiding the ring.

Vancouver-based designer Andrew Zo probably had pre-proposal worries in mind when he got the eureka moment and created the Clifton, an engagement ring case that conspicuously fits in your pocket. The Clifton is leather-bound, totally flat and works based on a pop-up mechanism which looks nothing like those bulky ring boxes we are all used to seeing.

“The discreet design allows the case to be easily hidden without showing much profile. At approximately 1cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with a delightful flower blooming effect when opened, enchanting the moment,” writes Zo on his website.

Zo told the Global News that his idea solidified during his studies at the Emily Carr University of Art three years ago. After speaking with his married friend, who said that the most nerve-wrecking part in proposing is hiding the ring box, Zo decided to take a shot at designing a hassle-free ring case prototype.

It was first launched in 2011 under the name Packed Engagement Ring and renamed Clifton in 2014. Since his ring has gone viral on Reddit, Zo says he was overwhelmed by requests and stopped taking orders. But you can sign up for the Clifton newsletter as Zo will start taking orders by October. The ring box price starts at $90.

Apparently people were so psyched for the revolutionary design, some attempted to make it themselves.