This Guy Wore A Dress To A Funeral. When You See Why, You’ll Need A Lot Of Tissues…

Before British soldier Kevin Elliot left for Afghanistan, he jokingly made a pact with his best friend Barry Delaney. Elliot wanted to make it clear before he shipped out that, if he were to ever be killed in action, Delaney had to wear the ugliest dress he could possible find to his funeral. Delaney, of course, agreed to the dark, but undeniably funny request.

While he was in Afghanistan, Elliot and Delaney remained in contact. While they didn’t get to see much of each other, their friendship remained strong. Unfortunately, Private Elliot’s demand had to be fulfilled three years later.

When it was time for Elliot’s funeral, Delaney knew what he had to do. He poured himself his buddy’s favorite drink, toasted his fallen hero friend, and put on the most ridiculous-looking dress he could get his hands on. Oh, and some neon pink high socks.

While Delaney’s dress might have made him seem out of place at first glance, the story behind it fit right in. Everyone in attendance was aware of the promise he had made to Elliot and was appropriately touched by this extreme display of friendship.


What a touching tribute. You have to admire Delaney’s commitment to keeping his promise. Private Elliot made the ultimate sacrifice, so what’s a little of one’s dignity?