The 32 Craziest Books Ever Sold. I Can’t Believe These Are Real…

Push aside the NYT best-sellers, and deep within the bowels of this literary behemoth you’ll find titles that make you laugh, blush, and at the very least do a double-take. Good luck finding these at your local bookstore!

I KNEW it.

Some jail time required.

What? Sometimes the gods like to shotgun beers and drive four-wheelers through the mud.

A Doctor and a Reverend walk into a bar…and write a book about third legs.

Can you really trust a book about awesomeness written by Pig Pen?

Six. Book. Bundle.

“…a collection of original dance moves inspired by Jesus and the likes of Moses and John the Baptist.”

That face says it all.

Featuring the “Knitted Willy Warmer” and other tantalizing projects.

Fun fact: David was a former “Monkees” writer.

Makes a great stocking stuffer for the significant other.

3rd Edition?!

Only one way to find out.

Don’t forget your binoculars!

You can throw away all your other books now.

“…a pioneering milestone of enormous scientific importance.”

Coming to an X Games near you.

“The author has settled into her job at Upworthy quite nicely.”

Most morbid choose-your-own-adventure book ever.

Time to throw away your lint roller!

For the spiritual flatulator.

Includes a “Final F*cking Exam” so readers can test their new skills.

For a road trip the kids will never forget.

Of COURSE the author is a Cheney.

The secret ingredient is motor oil.

“The author wishes to thank Bart Simpson for her pen name.”

Pretty sure “Futurama” owes this guy some money.

Support your local pencil sharpener!

Whatcha got against the letter e, ERNIE?!

The offers will be rolling in.

Billed as “a laugh-out-loud collection…”

Gee I wonder why Johnny sobs every time he sees a puppy?

No. Just no.