These Drawings…Come To Life. No Tricks Here. Just Pencil And Patience.

These are mind-altering.

Nagai Hideuki creates amazing, anamorphic works of art…all with pencil and charcoal. His ability to alter perspective is uncanny: looking at his drawings is more like seeing a sculpture. Check these out….prepare to be amazed.


See…all about perspective.

I rather like this fellow….

…even if he’s a bit two-dimensional.

Art is a hard road to travel.

Better hope those bars don’t get erased….

Oh. Hello.

I still have trouble not seeing this as two-dimensional.

A new friend.

Gone fishin’.

Quite a day planner.

Are you looking for someone?

Mischief after midnight….


The artist at work.

Well. My mind is BLOWN. Watching someone like Nagai Hideyuki create these whimsical worlds never fails to make me smile. Share these wild drawings with your friends.