This Tiny Place In Bali Is The Most EXTRAORDINARY Place I’ve Ever Seen…

Situated in the rolling green forests in Ubud, Bali, is the Bambu Indah hotel, a specialty boutique hotel that features 13 special ‘Houses’, each unique and special in their own amazing way.

These photos are about to unleash your desire to travel… prepare yourself!

Udang House means “Shrimp House”

This house is situated at the source of the fresh water fountain that supplies the natural pool.

Situated above a fresh shrimp pond, this house has tempered glass floor panels for an underwater panorama of crustaceans in action. Authentic shrimp baskets have been converted into lamps for a total fishing village experience.

Absolutely stunning.

There is so much beauty in imperfection… the Japanese call this “wabi sabi”

The home offers an unparalleled experience to commune with nature.

The glass tiled roof of the bathroom allows entry of both the light of day and the Bali moon at night–an exquisite experience to bring the weary traveller back to life.

Kuda House

Manis House

Biru House

Kolam House

Jawa Lama House

Elora & Orin House

Afrika House

The Pagoda House

I am in complete awe of this resort. I absolutely HAVE to go! SHARE this amazing story if you want to go here. WOW!