I Thought I Finally Knew All The ‘Life Hacks’ Out There. But These 23 Proved Me Wrong… YES!

Using duct tape. Charging your phone. Hanging your clothes. Keeping chips fresh. … all of these things are just some of the terrible rigors of everyday life. How do we manage our lives with dealing with such time-consuming and mind-bending tasks? But fear not! There are ways you can complete these horrendous tasks while still being able to enjoy your life!

(In all seriousness, though. These super simple, everyday life hacks may make your life a lot easier.)

All of these are easy to complete and should help you out quickly! (Aside from the toilet paper tube starter pot. That won’t magically turn you into a green thumb, but it’s worth a try.) Hopefully, these hacks helped you! If they did, pass on the goodness and share them with others.