Westboro Planned To Protest This Little Boy’s Funeral. See How They Got Destroyed.

One of the victims of the tragic tornado in Moore, Oklahoma was 9 year old Nicolas Scott McCabe. The evil cult known as Westboro Baptist announced that they were going to protest his funeral.



What exactly they planned to protest is a mystery (tornados? Oklahoma? funerals in general?), but regardless, the Patriot Guard Riders came together to make sure this grieving family had peace during this difficult time thanks to a Facebook post that went viral.


“MESSAGE FOR PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS AND BIKERS: There is a family needing help on Friday..too keep Westboro church from coming too there child’s funeral..They are just asking friends too stand and try too block the westboro church..I said I would come and stand and then thought of you..This is real family..child is a tornado victim..I’m not sure..I can post on your wall ask for friendship..was told full and too get on following..”

The result? This is what Westboro would meet if they wanted to protest:


This act of awesomeness shows that goodness still overcomes the evil in the world. Ultimately Westboro didn’t show up at all… can you blame them? :)

Patriot Guard Riders – 1
Westboro – 0