You Won’t Believe How Much Money These Stars Made In 2013

We all know Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Oprah, Donald Trump, LeBron James, etc. make absurd amounts of money. Here are the most surprising celebrities that made a lot of money in 2013.

Channing Tatum $60 million

This pretty boy used his business smarts to pull in the most money of his career.


Glenn Beck $90 million

It seems leaving Fox has not hurt Beck at all. 


Lady Gaga $80 million

Gaga made $17 million more than Donald Trump.

Simon Cowell $95 million

The majority of this money comes from producing X Factor and the Got Talent franchise.


Tyler Perry $78 million

Tyler Perry is very consistent with his earnings, putting up these large figures every year.


Dr. Phil $72 million


E.L. James $95 million

smut + kindle = $$$$$


Howard Stern $95 million

The most successful radio host ever keeps earning large.

Taylor Swift $55 million

She is only 24!

Rush Limbaugh $66 million

The most-listened-to radio host in the country.

Roger Federer $71 million

Despite not having the name recognition as others in the United States, Federer out earns people like Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady.

Calvin Harris $46 million

The majority of his money comes from DJ gigs.

Toby Keith $65 million

James Patterson $91 million

Arguably the most successful author of all time.


Lessons Learned:

musicians > actors

radio > tv

Authors nowadays can earn as much as anyone in Hollywood.