Trump Just Set Washington DC on FIRE With New Anti-Lobbying Measure

Donald Trump has finally done it! A week after his presidential nomination, Trump has kept his word on “Draining the Swamp” in Washington DC with a new ruling that has lobbyists p*ssing all over themselves!!

In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump is going to make everyone who works for him sign a pledge that they cannot work as a lobbyist for five years after they work with the Trump administration. This is a crucial first step in helping to fulfill Trump’s goal of “draining the swamp” in Washington.

In order to put the sweetest icing on the cake, Trump is also seeking to change the language regarding lobbyists. Unlike other previous administrations, he is seeking to call those who are working as “consultants” or “advisers” what they actually are– lobbyists.

Of course, Washington insiders are not thrilled about this development, because it means they will all be held to this rule when Trump passes legislation on the issue.

These people need to realize that there is a new sheriff in town. Donald Trump won’t be intimidated.

If you are proud of President Trump for standing up against DC lobbyists and career politicians, let him know by sharing this out to every person you know!!